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Avalah All Natural Cosmetics - Launched

As a person that loves skincare, hair and makeup it made perfect sense for the next step of Avalah All Natural to be either in the direction of Shampoo and Conditioner for hair or in the direction of All Natural Make Up. We choose to enter into the makeup game because I have a passion for Colorful Lipstick / Lip Gloss / Lip Art. I love a Dark Blue, Copper, Bright Red or Deep Purple. My old co-workers for Christmas got me a mug saying I only need Caffeine and Lip Stick. My belief has always been that even if you do not put on foundation, blush, mascara and eye liner...... at least put on the pop of lip!

When starting the Avalah Cosmetics brand it needed to keep with the beliefs of the company which is that it will be all natural and find a way to be a better product than the products currently on the market. I want my lip colors to be moisturizing, the color needs to be bomb and I want a creamy feeling.

Our first launch has been our Luxxe Lip Color in seven colors which represent the heritage of the owner of Avalah. Alexzandra Denis is of West Indian heritage and it was important to her for the cosmetics line to embrace the pops of color that she grew up with. The Luxxe Lip Color line has names such as Cool Runnings, Browning, Sweet Soca, Steel Pan and Gimme Di Ting to represent her Vincentian background. The product uses ingredients such as castor oil and beeswax for the most moisturizing and luscious feeling.

You can shop the lip colors now at

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