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CaribBeing x The Sill Collaboration

The Love Up Yourself Self Care Kit is the perfect way to release stress and anxiety. This kit is currently being sold by The Sill (see below for link). The box includes the Avalah (Himalayan Bath Salt and Sugar Scrub), Perry Boyce (Soy Wax Candle), A Life Balanced (Sorrel Infused Herbal Tea) and CaribBeings (Tea Towel with imagery from Andrea Pippins).

As our outside World continues to open back up and we adjust to our new normals, it is necessary that we preserve our mental and physical health. Physically taking care of your body will not only make you look good on the outside but feel more confident on the inside. You can start with eating right, soaking in Avalah's Himalayan Bath Salt, taking long walks or hitting the gym. Keeping your mind stress and anxiety free is key to staying sane. Take time to read a book, meditate, light soy wax candles, sip tea, turn the tv off and write in your journal. Start doing activities that bring you joy and make you feel fulfilled. Volunteer work is one way of giving back and making yourself feel a sense of accomplishment.

The Love Up Yourself self care kit is the perfect way to start off your mental and physical journey to stay stress free during these times.

Shop the Love Up Yourself Self Care Kit now:

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