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Get Steamy with Shower Steamers

There was a period of time in my life where I suffered from sinus infections. My sister was a big advocate for pouring Eucalyptus essential oil in the shower and letting me inhale the steam....... however I slipped in the tub the last time. I thought what can I make that contains essential oils and will have the same affects but with no clean up or falling on my face? Enter Shower Steamers!

Avalah has 6 different shower steamers each having specific aromatherapy purpose behind them, Breathe Easy, Calming, Sensual, Relaxation, Tranquil and Energy. They all have menthol in them! This can be used for relieving nasal congestion, soothing sore throats, alleviating fever symptoms, coughing, headaches, sinus discomforts and it promotes easier breathing.

The great thing about these tablets is that there's no clean up.

Let's talk about how to use them!

- Take one tablet and place it behind you on the shower floor

- You want the tablet to get wet but not too much or else it will dissolve faster

- My preference is warm to hot water because it is actually going to open up your lungs and make the steamers work better

**If you really want to have fun, you can use two different scents in the shower! Mix it up and have fun! It's your experience, make the most of it!

These tablets have been a life saver whether it is allergies, stuffy nose or just so I can have a spa day in the shower. Since launching in December we have barely been able to keep them on the shelf so get yours today and feel free to leave #teamavalah your feedback!

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