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Gimme Some...... Brown Sugar!

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Skin is the largest organ on our bodies...... and possibly the diva on the list of organs. Between the showers, shaving, exfoliating, pampering, moisturizing and if you are a woman.... forget it.... we are talking body shimmer, makeup, and adornments.

#Teamavalah is here to help you cross a few things off that list!! Our #sugarbodyscrub is made with three sugars, two oils and in 6 luxe scents.

Our unique combination of sugars and oils helps to hydrate your skin and keep moisture within. Do you need fresh, glossy skin fast? Use our #brownsugarscrub in the shower during your morning rush, then you step out the shower pat dry and you are ready to go!!

Sugar when used as a scrub encourages cell turnover, helping to generate fresher and younger looking skin. It also helps to treat any sun damaged or aging skin. Our sugar scrub exfoliates the dead skin cells on the surface of your skin and leaves you looking super moisturized, healthy and glowing


This brown sugar beauty is scented with our luxurious combination of essential oils so you are in for a spa treatment even in your shower at home!!

Love and Scrubbed!


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