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Hair Oils + Benefits

Oils are a major tool when it comes to your hair maintenance routine. Dry hair can lead to hair loss or breakage. Using oils is one way to prevent this from happening to you. Oils protect the follicle from surfactants by filling the gap between cuticle cells and strengthening the hair shaft. Natural Oils are very important in making hair look and feel healthy as well as keeping your strands shiny and glossy.

There are several ways to use hair oil, you can use as a daily hair oil, hot oil treatment or as a prewash oil.

A daily hair oil can be used every several days and is a maintenance oil to keep your hair protected from the elements such as chemicals, harsh weather and pollution. You would generally use it to protect against dandruff and dry scalp.

Hot oil treatments are when you warm the oils before adding them to your hair so that your hair follicles open and receive the oil better. These treatments help to strengthen each hair follicle and prevent dry, brittle hair and split ends.


help to moisturize and hydrate severely damaged hair, possibly due to color treatments, heat damage, or chemical treatments. The oils also help lock in moisture, resulting in shinier, more vibrant hair.

Oils that have amazing benefits include:

  • coconut

  • sesame

  • almond

  • jojoba

  • argan

  • castor

  • neem

  • almond

Treat yourself to a hair oil massage! A scalp massage lubricates your hair shaft and adds luster to your hair. The benefits are exfoliation of your scalp, revitalizing your hair and adds shine. By applying hair oil on your scalp regularly, it exfoliates the skin and removes harmful toxins from your hair. This clears hair follicles of harmful bacteria and strengthens your roots immensely. Additionally, applying hair oil also replenishes lost minerals and vitamins to your hair and scalp which also strengthens roots.

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