Be Salty........

Come be salty with #teamavalah but not just any salt...... Himalayan Sea Salt Salty.

Ok so you are thinking........ bath salts?? YES!! These are used to help you relax and de-stress! Perfect as a part of your night time routine. You basically fill your tub with some warm water, add bath salts and soak your body for 20-30 minutes (You can also use a small tub and soak just your feet!).

The benefits of Himalayan Sea Salt are endless. It helps to ease aches and pains, deep cleans your skin, stimulates circulation, assists in getting rid of bloating and my favorite benefit..... it detoxes your body. It dissolves and eliminates sediment to remove toxins.

#Avalahbeauty uses Himalayan Sea Salt, Baking Soda, Epsom Salt and Almond Oil in our Mineral Bath Salt. This amazing combo gives you not only the detoxifying effects of the Himalayan sea salt but also the moisture of Almond Oil, the ability to eliminate sore muscles from the Epsom Salt and the baking soda helps to relieve tension, boost circulation, soothes eczema and lessens the irritation and itchiness from psoriasis.

Once you add in Avalah's amazing custom scents and you have the perfect self love, romantic or relaxing moment. Be sure to add this amazing and much needed product to your beauty routine!!

Salty and Loving It,


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