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Quarantine Life......

Does quarantine life got you down? Are you usually a social butterfly? Naturally an extrovert? Are you climbing the walls with all the solitude?

Don't sweat it! We got the top 5 things you should do to set your life up for after this is over! Let's face it Corona Virus is seriously messing up our social and professional lives but this too will pass and when it does you want to be ready to figure out your life after.

1) Get that resume together - We have already witnessed lay offs and the dissolutions of some companies even if you currently are fortunate to have a job right now it can't hurt to have that resume up to date and poppin!

a) Do not forget to update your LinkedIn, make connections and advertise yourself now! You have time!

2) Take a hard look at your finances - This is the perfect time to sit down with all your bills, credit cards, subscriptions and bank statements. Examine where to cut or move around funds. Set up goals for over the next few months.

Even though the future is uncertain.... start planning now so that coming out of this you are in a wiser place financially. Do I need that fitness membership if I only go once a month? Do I really need the wine of the month club?

3) Daily Routine Revamp - Have you ever been jealous of the people who can get up at 5am, read the newspaper, have coffee, work out and still make it to work by 8am? Well I have always envied those people. Those that seem to have an extra few hours in the day. Guess what? Now is the perfect time to train that body! Under quarantine it seems like an amazing time to pretend to be a rapper..... stay up all night until the wee hours and wake up late but you will regret this after...... Start sneaking in that early morning workout, the 15 minutes of meditation, enjoying your morning shower instead of the morning rush.

4) Get your Self Care Beauty Routine down! - Don't judge me for sneaking beauty onto this list #mycareer You can figure out and time a legitimate self care beauty regimen. Mondays I will do a 15minute facial scrub, Tuesday 10 min eyebrow maintenance...... There are 7days in a week so be sure to spread it out.

We don't know where our finances are going to be after all this, not to mention your favorite barbershop, hair stylist and nail salon will be BOOKED up by the time we get outta here. So now is the time to figure out how to maintain your skin, face, nails and hair. Make those mistakes now ladies and gents while you have time for that hair cut you gave yourself to grow back out......

5) Mood Board for the Bored - Come on people..... mood boards are the shit! It's not all magazines, scissors and paste...... Elevate your board...... Go digital. Mine is saved as a powerpoint presentation on my laptop and I even threw some music on it. I break that bad boy open whenever I need to remember where I am going and what I need to get there. I suggest a mood board for the following:

a) Your Style and Accessories - Figure out what clothes and jewerly makes you feel your best. Think hard about how you want to present yourself in the board room, at school, in the club, on a date and running errands.

b) Career - What is your dream career? Who is your mentor? Do you want a career that allows you to travel? Do you have a small business? What brand do you want to emulate? What stores do you see your product in? Are you model or photographer? What brands do you want to shoot for?

c) Your Space - Environment is important - Do you wish your spot had more color? What colors? Want to buy a home someday? What does it look like? What neighborhood? Shout out to my dream of owning a brownstone in Brooklyn, NY with a backyard.

I have literally given you hours of work to do! Get started so when you come out of quarantine you come out ahead of where you were when you first went in........

Quarantined and Productive,


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