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Room Stay turned Wellness Day

Ever feel like you just need a day or two out of your normal environment? What about a vacay or stay-cation? Or a Spa-cation! We can take our luxury hotel room and turn it into a Spa extraordinaire. Let's face it the hotel already has the towels, robes and a tub. This is a small undertaking for self care on a budget so let's begin. The categories I normally organize by are ambiance, treatments and indulgences.

Creating an environment where you feel relaxed and able to enjoy yourself is important. I love to start setting up the minute I arrive because that is probably the cleanest the hotel room is going to be during my stay. It helps if you buy everything in advance or a lot of these items can be delivered to your room when you arrive.

Start with a dynamite playlist, think Jhene Aiko, Chloe X Halle, Normani, Janine and Sinead Harnett. This really sets the vibe for your spa-cation so pick music that sets you on the path to being calm and having positive vibes.

I love fresh flowers! Think bigger petal florals so that there is no drain blockage and easy clean up. My personal favs are white rose petals as they match any room you are placed in and they smell divine. You can pull the petals off three flowers for the tub but place the rest on the dressers or even petals on the bed. Don't want to carry the flowers with you..... order them from 1800-FLOWERS or from the hotels concierge.

If I am having a proper spa day then I have to have champagne and fresh strawberries with my treatments. Many hotels have room service and you can order a delicious meals but my personal favs are a grilled salmon on a bed of spring mix, sushi or shrimp tacos. You can order the food and alcohol from room service or apps like UberEats and Seamless which deliver to hotels.

How can we have a Spa day without treatments? We can't so Avalah to the rescue! We have products for if you have a tub or a shower....... but opt for the tub if you get the option cause we are going for FULL spa mode.

We offer bath salts for soaking, sugar scrub for exfoliating, body butter for deep conditioning of your skin, coming soon bath bombs for relaxing and after bath shower oil for quick moisturizing.

You can fill the tub with warm water, add petals and bath salts. The smell alone will have you immediately begin to relax but so will the Himalayan Sea Salts that will help your body to detox as well as the Epsom Salt for sore and achy muscles. If you don't have a tub then use our shower steamers which are equally fragrant and are great for opening up your nasal passages and alleviating sinus pressure.

Avalah's three sugar, two oil sugar scrub is amazing for dry and coarse skin. This scrub moisturizes and exfoliates so you are left with incredibly soft skin. Our after shower bath oil is made to add moisture to your skin from the moment you leave the tub. Just spray, rub in and towel pat dry.

If you want the softest feet add our body butter, massage in and for best results put on your fluffy socks. The warmth from the socks opens your foots pores so that the body butter will be absorbed and able to soften the heel of your foot quickly.

You can schedule a traveling massage therapist that can give you a massage in your room using Avalah's body butter, or hire a private acupuncturist for pain management or even an esthetician for

facials. I also recommend some DIY when you want to keep costs low such as stopping at you local beauty supply store or ordering online facial masks and black head pore strips for you face.

This is your hotel room so think big when it comes to experiences and make it custom!

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