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The Importance of All Natural Skin and Hair Care Products

The owner of Avalah All Natural, Alexzandra Denis, in her late teens and early twenties enjoyed shopping at stores like Bath and Body, Rituals and Sephora. Eventually she had the realization that the products from these retailers were not keeping her skin moisturized and glowing or her hair feeling soft and conditioned.

The question arose, how can I go back to my upbringing but give a luxury feel to the products that my mom once made at home? She created a body butter, a liquid black soap body wash and Amla oil based hair oil but used essential oils to scent the products.

Retailers are using alcohol, preservatives and other chemicals in their products so they can cut back on costs or even cut back on using products that are actually good for you. These chemicals can either irritate or breakout your skin. A build up of these products can cause cancer and other ailments. These chemicals can affect your reproductive, nervous and immune systems.

You skin is your largest organ and absorbs everything you place on it. You hair follicles absorbs all the products that you use on your scalp. All natural products can be fully absorbed into your system and they balance or mimic the natural state of your body.

You wouldn't purposefully eat toxins so why let them be absorbed into your skin?

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