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Travel Essentials by Avalah

The Avalah traveller is always prepared to jet set and be a globe trotter. As a person who frequently travels for fun, work or just to relax, I have learned there are necessities that should be packed but don't always make the cut.

1 - Avalah travel set - There is no where in the World that you should travel to and be ashy. This kit contains the Avalah body butter, body lotion, travel candle and for the men beard balm. The Avalah Travel kit is tiny and allows for easy carry on flights, in clutch purses or even for the car.

2 - Mini First Aid Kit and Preventative Medications - I always carry a first aid kit with band sids, pain killers and alcohol preps. When traveling you never know how far the nearest pharmacy is, if the Airbnb will have a kit, will you be in the airport when a headache hits....... I have occasional sinus issues and the worst thing is to be in another country and be unfamiliar with their medications, or worst to not be able to find the one brand you need. When traveling I always bring a nasal decongestant with me. If know when you fly you have chronic sore throat, sinus issues or breathing problems then it is better to have back up medication just in case.

3 - Emergency Poncho - These raincoats are folded small and they helped me a lot in Cuba where it would spontaneously rain. Whenever you are traveling in the Caribbean there is always the chance of a small rain shower. This item is not costly and is helpful whenever there is rain.

4 - Poo Pourri - I love traveling with friends and family and occasionally we end up sharing a suite..... which means sharing a bathroom... and let's just say international food doesn't always agree with everyone. When sharing a bathroom it's a great idea to bring something scented so you don't nasally offend your peoples.

5 - Travel Candle - My bestie bought me a travel candle for my birthday and at first I did not understand why I would want to bring that along. In an experiment I took it with me recently to Barbados and I can truly say I understand. I was able to scent my room the way I wanted and it was very romantic.

6 - Hand Sanitizers - As a self proclaimed germaphobe, I don't go anywhere without hand sanitizer but especially when traveling. If your in unfamiliar territory you never know when the next bathroom is. This has happened to me in Cuba, where I traveled via bus from one end of the island to the other. I loved the experience but the pit stops did not guarantee the bathrooms would have soap to use...... keep hand sanitizer close.

7 - Travel Converter/ Adapter - I take this with me no matter what country I'm flying to..... better safe then sorry. I was so grateful to have this in Paris and Cuba.

When you prepare for everything you become an expert of whatever can happen, will happen.

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